Thursday, September 29, 2005

Another alll india strike by lefties

Oh god ! another all india strike called by left is going to paralyse india on 29-sept-05.The effect of the same in two red bastions kerala and West bengal will be badly hit and all normal life will come to a stand still.
The unfortunate part of it is that none of the brigades in street who will try to distrupt all traffic and normal life doesn't even the cause of it and for what they are fighting for.

I do agree that there needs to be a mechanism for safeguarding worker's rights...But the action of left being part of the central government and showing this type of public gimkick is unfortunate.

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Funky Dorie said...

Hey Aveen,

I'm glad your finally up and about ! High Time !

About the strike..It's good to know though that the damage was ristricted to only two states - Kerela and WB. It goes to show that the left has a very small backing to it's outrageous ideas. What's more not even all the Trade Unions joined together, which is also a good thing.
There may be hope yet :-)