Thursday, April 10, 2014

God's own country to God's only country

With elections around the corner, it is increasingly becoming evident that the educated, politically aware Kerala population is leaning more towards religion and caste based identity politics.
It is indeed sad that when other part of the country is slowly moving towards development oriented debates, the state which was known for its progressive outlook is going backward.

In Kerala there was always deep caste and communal mindset but the strong Left moment never allowed it to dictate the political mind map of the people.But recent developments and opinion polls strongly show this trend is getting reversed that too with alarming rate. This will have severe consequence for a state like Kerala.The way the major politicians compete openly for patronage of Bishops, Imams and other Caste leaders is unprecedented in the state history.

In a highly politically active state like Kerala, the political landscape does reflect the Social mindset. There seem to be a polarization happening along caste and religious lines than never before.The key reason for this is the ideological decline of Left activism from Kerala. The moderate voices from all religion are moving out from Left to the corresponding political groups representing their interest.What is striking is that the younger voice which collectively resist against caste based politics in other parts of the country is absent in kerala's social limelight.

There may be various reasons for these alarming phenomena but the most striking and the root cause seem to be the selfish crony capitalist mind set of the new generation which replaced the deep routed moral socialistic mindset of the past one, but interestingly the responsibility for this transition actually lies with the old one who taught money was more important than anything to their children.

Ones a God's own country is now a God's only country with more emphasis on God and Religion than Humans.

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