Monday, February 15, 2016

"Defending a Proxy War" at the time of "Civil liberty"

“Going to war  needs continuous psychological drilling and need disciplined training for years.. Else who will go to siachen glacier  and serve there for years”.
Words from Manohar Parikar during one of the NASSCOM ILF 2016 Speech. The context was highlighting how some of the  culture and traditions are deep routed in the armed forces.
Each unit of Indian army have built gallantry stories and have their own unique culture and traditions, Which may not always justifiable to Scientific thought and individualism.                                                                                                                                      
In order for anyone to serve in siachen need more motivation and a better reason than the mere high attitude allowance come with it.

With the Digital World and unrestricted communication, How would a commanding officer keep his unit on that level of high morale when his men has also access to the strong counter argument from the Civil liberty group ?

1.       I think as a country , We are still fighting an ISI monster, Who has full state machinery at its disposal
2.       ISI is fighting us with a proxy war with full state machinery at its disposal
3.       Unless we get to stage of normal relation and a normal border with Pakistan on Kashmir ,The priority still is to consider the feelings of the men in uniform than the right of Students for their right to dissent on high decibel voice.
4.       There is no issue with criticising the hanging of Afzal Guru, It becomes antinational at the time when a sizeable portion of Indian army fighting everyday at odds against unknown enemy.
It becomes antinational when air waves form JNU take it right to him instantly. It become antinational when you unknowingly question the deep drilled convention of the men in uniform.

I wish the political masters visiting JNU to visit the units in Kashmir and do justify why he should risk his life to defend Kashmir when most of his fellowman doesn’t think that cause..Else,Atleast show the courage to switch the priority to “Civil liberty” from Kashmir.

You can’t continue chanting “Kashmir is integral to India” and then on same note justify someone who celebrate the “Martyrdom of Afzal guru”  when communication  no more stop at the door of barracks.

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