Monday, February 04, 2008

Barack Obama and hope for change in indian politics

With Barack Obama stressing on "hope" and change in his campaigns, I was wondering is there any "hope" in Indian politics for a change...

Indian politics is more complicated than .....................?

No Indian "HOPE" for any remarkable change in the near future about anything happening here.

What we lack is new heros,True leaders.

For the last 10 years, There is not a single face for country to "Hope" for a radical change...Forget about the ganhdhi,piolts,scndhia's and deora they symbolize clintons and bush.

There is a feel good factor prevailing with middle class going to upper levels.
But is it sustainable with only domestic economy.

In the long run can we hope for a change in the way country is run. A leader who can unite all states,culture,religion,caste etc.who can mend all our deep fissures.

I am hoping against hope for a Barack Obama to raise in India. we need badly a leader who is loved by all. who comes from the bottom half of the society.
who understand the complexities of common man in India.

NB: Don't misunderstand ...We need manmohan singhs than deva gowdas.
But hope for a Indian Barck obama against Gandhi,Advani,Modi and karat.


Funky Dorie said...

The problem is that India is a way more complex place than america. In america the divisions are simple : Black and White , Legal Immigrants & Illegal Immigrants, Rich & poor, Pro Iraq and Anti Iraq - but in India the problems have several layers - with innumerables communities, castes within communities, subcastes.., etc.
I think we need more than a Barack Obama - we need a miracle :)

Nerine said...

You write very well.

Akshu said...

abe oye... yeh tu politics mein ghus raha hai kya/?

tere pass to koi criminal record nahin hai(i think so...) , so tere koi koi entry nahin milegi... bhag ja yahan se
it aint ur domain..waise bhi tu sab ko woh saala Art of Living join karwa dega...