Saturday, March 21, 2009

General Election 2009 (kerala)

Again time for a the great indian election drama!!!!

The exercise started for the greatest democracy in the world to slelect representatives from people having nothing in common than "India" in their veins.

So as usual analysing indian politics or generalising it doesn't count at all

so i am going to concntrate my reporting from thispart of globe ,where i think i can read the mind of the people.KERALA


Anonymous said...

Trivandrum contest will be an interesting one.

Anonymous said...

Politics doesnt have region.Its always the same. No matter whether it is driven by power or values. Analysing can make you feel that you are into the system. But the system has moved away from us long time back

Pritam Bhanji said...

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I am sorry I asked you on the wrong site because I dont have any other way to contact you.