Saturday, March 15, 2014


“In the west, People expect their representatives to have higher moral integrity than them, In India it is the other way around, it will be nearly impossible for a divorcé to run for president in USA”.
Dr Shashi Taroor said to packed hall of Techies in Zenith hall at Techno Park who had gathered there to hear the charismatic diplomat who is just back from his glorious stint at UN.

Came 2009 election, when congress fielded him despite opposition from local units. It was a ray of hope, Fresh air to the rotten political landscape of kerala.
I have asked all who was within my realm of influence to embrace the opportunity and be part of the change.
Back then there were no congress machinery supporting him, He was still an outsider to vernacular media and top leadership of congress.
Still he won, won with a margin of 1 L plus vote.

After 5 years, Rather than changing the system Shahi Taroor got changed to be part of it.
Now, in 2014 he is seen as another congress politician. He is no more an outsider people want to experiment.
So they will go by track record. For Taroor the expectation bar is higher than the other usual candidates as he promised to be different.

I think, as a mister for state for external affairs minister he did well and that was his natural area of strength.
Then came the IPL controversy and the resignation, He made a historic speech in Loksabha before his resignation that made every Keralite proud.
His intentions were right and Kochi Tuskers was a new experiment which did give some new breath to kochi’s hospitality business.
I think IPL fiasco made him change the course, From then on he was just part of normal political business and learned that it is better to be part of the “political system” rather than being outside.
The results were rewarding in personal front. Another marriage, Came back to the ministry of Human resources.
But for Thiruvanthapuram voter, they lost the real representative they selected in 2009.

I went through the achievement list from Dr Shashi Taroor, and if he really thinks he is satisfied with it and think people should elect him on that then I am really disappointed.
And add it to that the same person who thought “Cesor’s wife must be above suspicion” in 2008 now come to the full circle form Western Morality to Eastern political standards.

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