Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Open letter to Kerala Chief minster Oommen Chandy on the eve of Emerging Kerala

Dear Chief Minister,

Today (12th Sep 2012) Prime minster of India will inaugurate “Emerging Kerala” at Le Meridien, Kochi.
Even with all the fanfare around and with the effort you and your team have put in to bring this up, I am sure you will be keeping your fingers crossed to see a favorable outcome.

Unlike the past you did a remarkable job to make this happen, Tried to reach to right people and flexible enough to listen and even were ready to compromise to keep controversies away.
But even with all this, the event failed to invoke right interest in the primary stakeholders. For the middle class Keralaite, This was another Gimmick played by the Politician-Bureaucrat-Media nexes.

You conducted Roads shows to attract investors but this time too there was no effort to get the bye in from public, even the legislators were not educated.
May be, you might have thought this as a frail effort due to over politicization nature of your people. But you may also need to recall that if there is any section of society who can be convinced on developmental initiatives they are the same people in  Kerala who elected you.

The other big problem here was the creditiblity.The industry minister and his team has long lost the credibility and trust of the people.
What people now look forward is to leader they can trust, When People with doubtful history sell big projects any doubt expressed even with dubious intention will get listeners.

If you are committed and sincere to see the change, Stand up and Act to make Kerala Emerge from Shackles not by Appeasing All religious groups and balancing there demand, Not by bending to each and every UDF constituents to save your chair
But have the courage to stand up and question the status quo, Have the courage to Move and Make change what people want and regain the trust they seek.

You may lose your chair due to the thin margin you hold in assembly, but believe in the educated, literate and knowledgeable people in Kerala, they will stand by you if you lose fighting the like of thieves and conspirators.
They cannot be manipulated by the like of religious grouping forever and they cannot be fooled by the promise of socialism forever.

All the Best!! 

“You must be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

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