Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What is Left with "Left" in kerala

General election 2014  was very crucial for left politics in Kerala. Having been pushed to the wall in West Bengal, Kerala was critical for the survival of the left.
There are various challenges faced by the party in Kerala and it is  high time for it to  introspect and do the required course correction.

Left ideology and its relevance in post globalisation era has been much debated and written about in great detail for the last 15 years.
But still it could remain relevant in the electoral space due to the two party dominated politics in Kerala. But if you analyse the 2014  result, Then “Leftis now left with the some hard choices.

Left in Kerala is facing existential challenges ,and any delay in recognizing this by its top leadership will be losing a chance to revive and rebuilt.
The state secretary’s radical moves towards accepting the new world order alienates a section who was fascinated by the ideology.
AAP with its near ideal image is drawing another class which is deep routed with political idealism than pragmatism.
Radical right wing politics of BJP is slowly drawing another section of the moderate Hindus from its ranks.
The leader’s arrogance and attitude is impacting another section of society which is glued to news channels from dawn to dusk for their political recipe.
Add to it any effort to win minorities is not getting the expected results. 

What is sad for any liberal left supporter in Kerala is the leadership reluctance to accept the reality.
Rather than realizing and admitting the ground realities the just concluded PB meeting came up with reasons like Minority consolidation for the recent failure of the left in Kerala.

The only Way Left can being relevant is to transform itself and unless the comrades have the courage to correct their leaders left will soon become history in Kerala.

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Funky Dorie said...

But do you have any concrete suggestions on how the Left can transform itself ? What could the Left do to still remain relevant?