Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Far the people to For the people : Indian democracy's defining moment

Another historic day for Indian democracy.
AAP win is different for different people based on your prejudice and political affiliations.

For an average Indian this win is another sign that reiterates Indian democracy is in right direction.
It is a warning to Modi and Shah ,So to act on the promised change faster.
A reiteration to congress that Indian politics has changed forever and for good.
And a remainder to other caste and dynastic regional parties that there decimation is not far away if they don’t prepare to change.
Final nail in the Left to realise what it is really meant to be pro poor.

So what 10th February AAP result offer for days to come?
It is defiantly a sign of change and sign of things to come.
Modi being a smart politician will see the writings on the wall and there will be fast actions towards change.
There will be more introspection in congress and people will be more vocal now for active leadership.
Left will be left with only leaders and regional satraps will try the last trick in their book to be stay relevant.

It will be interesting  to see an AAP government in action in Delhi and the first budget  from Modi government in the coming days.

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